eyebrow trimmer - Bufway
eyebrow trimmer - Bufway
eyebrow trimmer - Bufway
eyebrow trimmer - Bufway
eyebrow trimmer - Bufway
eyebrow trimmer - Bufway
eyebrow trimmer - Bufway

Eyebrow Trimmer for Women

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Tired of Going to Salon Just to get your eyebrow done?

Eyebrow trimmer is the need of the hour in today's time; there is no point in going to a beauty salon now just to get your eyebrow done if you have the revolutionary Eyebrow trimmer with you. 


Package Included:

1 x Electric eyebrow repairer 
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Instruction manual


55 g approx

Power Supply: 1

*AAA battery (battery not included)

The women's electric eyebrow Trimmer or shaver is a facial hair removal epilator for women’s day-to-day cleanup and maintenance beauty accessory to be used in the gap of your regular eyebrow wax or threading appointment at the Salon.

Eyebrow Trimmer is a great pain-free alternative if you are unable to wax or tweeze the perfect eyebrows, it also can be used as a facial hair trimmer for women.

It uses precision microblade technology to remove even the tiniest hairs on the face and body without any pain and redness, leaving your skin feeling smooth and fresh.

The discreet and stylish eyebrow razor is a new alternative to waxing that doesn’t inflame your skin, every woman's best-kept secret on maintaining perfect eyebrows!

Benefits – what’s in it for you?

The electric eyebrow shaver will give you a fast shave and will not cause pores as it does not pull hair when shaving, a no-pain experience makes shaving a pleasure and makes hair removal incision tidy, and keep the skin smooth.

To protect delicate and sensitive skin, the electric eyebrow shaver comes with a Gold plated head which prevents allergies and ensures greater skin hygiene.

Features – How it is for you?

The women electric eyebrow shaver is safe, give the instant result and painless, it comes with a Built-in Led light, its gold plated head is hypo-allergenic and gentle on all skin type.

No redness, nick, or irritation, electric eyebrow shaver instantly and painlessly erase the extra hair, without the pain of removal, a perfect partner for sensitive skin

Electric shaver design is a key highlight, the stylish hair remover is portable, A small pen-like design makes it a considerate companion for your beauty and confidence, you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Hold it like a pencil, use it as an eraser for visible results, the electric remover should be used on clean, dry skin avoid using makeup or cream before using it, pull the skin tight and move the unit in small circular motions, perfect for quick touch-ups.

A perfect cosmetic gear to take with you on any trip, the electric razor is compact and lightweight, It’s a must-have facial cosmetic product when trimming is a part of the daily beauty routine for many women.

You will find many online stores selling Eyebrow trimmers but one thing we can assure you when you buy an Eyebrow trimmer from Bufway you will never regret it as you are buying the best eyebrow trimmer because we are getting it procured from the best manufacturer available in the market.

Customer Reviews

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Garfield Zieme

Very cool gadget but very loud and some poorly made but is git item for battery

Mathew Dickens

I have not tried yet but the product seems good

Edgar Mills

Long waited and still the battery needs all the goods quality I like

Tevin Mertz

Szybka dostawa eszcze nie próbował Ale jest świetny

Name Walker