Jason Voorhees Goalie Mask

Jason Voorhees Bandana | Jason Neck Gaiter Face Mask (Friday the 13th Bandana)

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Jason Bandana Face Mask Collection

Jason Voorhees Tube Bandana - Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees Goalie Mask, Bandana Mask, Headband, Riding Bandana, Neckerchief, Winter Mask 

Product Details: Microfiber, 100% Polyester High Permeability Material, Breathable, Lightweight Face Cover Bandana and Also a Neck Gaiter, It's washable & reusable Premium quality Product.


Jason Voorhees -  Friday the 13th Costume

It can be worn as headwear, neckerchief, mask, hairband, balaclava, scarf, wristband, bonnet, pirate cap, and an amazingly soft beanie when you are biking, playing football, or just keeping yourself away from dirt and cold. FAQ that might Interest You!

Q. What clothes does Jason Voorhees wear?

A. Jason typically wears a dark green work shirt with 2 buttoned flap pockets, weathered tan colorwork pants, black work boots, yellow leather gloves, and a 1940s U.S. Marines utility belt. The belt typically holds a machete, throwing darts, firearm reloads, survival knife, and other equipment.

Q. What does Jason Voorhees wear on his face?

A. The goaltender mask, as seen in the 2009 movie Friday the 13th. This mask was introduced in Part III of the movie, and it has been Jason Voorhees' trademark icon ever since. A similar mask was also worn by Roy Burns during his rampage to avenge the death of his son, Joey.

Q. Why did Jason wear a hockey mask?

A. Jason was angry and killed people. But then he found a goalie mask and remembered how much pain the game had caused him. He would wear the mask to remind himself of the pain that line change caused him, and to never trust anyone again.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
William Weeks
Slay Halloween Fun

where great style goes to die! Spook your friends until you make them howl with this horrific Jason Voorhees bandana slasher version. Tragic grunge hobo chic, punk hobo emo winter wear package just for you.

Dorothy Kang
Jason Mask is Horror

If you like horror, then this personified version of the hockey-mask wearing villain Jason Voorhees would make for an amazing holiday decoration. Especially if around Halloween or Christmas!

Average Quality

Jason Voorhees Print is fine, Fabric quality is weak. Arrived on time. If you are a Jason fan you will like it.

Susan F.
Average Product

The quality of the cloth is not what you would expect for this price range. The print arrived late and even though it has a Jason logo, that doesn't seem enough to make up for its shortcomings in other areas like fabric choice or workmanship which are all things I frequently lookout when purchasing items online.

louise casdard
Great product for the price!

Perfect if you need to look like Jason Vorhees or just feel cooler on a hot day. I ordered this and it arrived promptly. The quality of the fabric is good, very breathable, not too tight around my head/headband